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primitive steaks

fire is OUR ingredient - come taste the smoke
Asap & co.

ASAP & Co is our tribute to smoking — a prehistoric method of food
preparation thought to trace its origins back to the Palaeolithic era. A
translation of the word “smoke” into the Malay language, “asap” reflects
the way the materiality and process of smoking has infused itself into
all aspects of the restaurant. The key elements of smoking — fire, wood,
cast iron and steel — recur throughout the space from the kitchen to
the dining floor, where guests can now observe the craft of smoking
from the Chef’s Table, as if watching theatre around a fire. Paired with
imported wood logs selected for their natural fragrance, we believe fire
is the most natural way to elevate the flavour of our meats, which span
a diverse variety ranging from award-winning breeds to underrated
cuts. At ASAP & Co, fire is our ingredient — come taste the smoke.


Advanced orders are recommended. As we smoke all of our meats and do not grill them, the process takes between 45min-1h.

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PS: Don't forget to check out our newest addition, Cherry & Oak!
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