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premium smoked steaks

Steak house-dessert bar concept

ASAP in Bahasa means smoke, which describes our cooking method by smoking.

​Heavily inspired by the method during the primitive era, we discovered slow smoking technique and improved it using imported wood logs. We then give a finishing touch searing it off with open fire. We believe that fire is the most natural way to elevate the flavour of our food to another level.

Being serious about our steak, we carefully curate our cattle by the breed, origin, environment, diet, age and marbling of every beef to ensure that only premium quality steak are served.


Heavily influenced by our multi racial population and religion belief, we have decided to use halal produce ingredients and non alcoholic beverages to be inclusive for the Muslim community.


As we like to say, we don’t only do steaks, we give experience.


Advanced orders are recommended. As we smoke all of our meats and do not grill them, the process takes between 45min-1h.

PS: Don't forget to check out our newest addition, Cherry & Oak!
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